Monday, July 26, 2010

Welcome to the beginning

When I bought the URL "Pretty Gamer" I didn't even think twice about the name. It was just the first cute-ish idea that popped in my head, and I wondered why no one had thought to grab it before now.

Given the reaction to the title when I announced it on Twitter and called for writers, I can see why it was open.

To be honest, I can't wrap my mind around the fact that some of my friends don't think they're pretty. I don't mean that in a friendly pity sort of way - I genuinely look at my friends and think "Damn, she looks good." Why couldn't they see that too?

I get that the word "pretty" sounds superficial. It sounds like this is a site full of unicorn games and scantily clad women holding controllers. But you know what? I'm taking back the term pretty. I'm taking back the feeling of being pretty and giving it to the women who should see themselves as I see them. I am a pretty gamer and I am not a stereotype.

I think one of our very own writers, WB^), put it best when she said, "It's precarious. But it always will be. We may not redefine words, but we can redefine us, no?"

This site is not about shouting out that there are a bunch of gamers here with vaginas so you should pay attention to us. This site is not about hating men. This site is not about improving your vanity.

This site is for all the female gamers, nerds, and geeks out there who ever thought they didn't have a voice. And this site is for all the male gamers who support us, and feel the same pressures that we do. This site is about feminism in its truest form, finding equality between the sexes.

And damn it, this site is about feeling pretty and kicking ass!


  1. But occasionally it can be full of unicorns, right? Because what is more awesome then a pretty horse with a deadly weapon stapled to it's forehead.

    Which is kinda how I am...without the horse or the forehead stapling bits.

  2. Ask Jeff about that. UNICORNS IN SPACE.

  3. If there are unicorns, can there also be glitter? (UNICORNS AND GLITTER!)