Thursday, July 29, 2010

emorimiku introduces emo

I think it's fair to say that I've always been a geek or, at the very least, been into geeky things. Most of my memories from early in life are of playing games or reading comics. However, when I was younger those activities didn't seem as abnormal as they do now because all my friends read comics and played games as well. Over time, however, most of my friends for the most part gave up the geeky things.

I never gave them up though. To be honest, I never really saw a reason to. Granted it's probably fair to say that my desire to play Dungeons and Dragons and read Young Justice contributed to my social awkwardness from grades six through twelve, but I always enjoyed what I was playing or reading. I spent most of my Fridays in high school playing Magic: the Gathering, which was generally the highlight of my week unless I was drafting later on in the weekend.

This isn't to say that I had no friends. I had my fair share of friends who were mostly people who shared my enjoyment for geeky things. Some of them I met while spending my lunches in the school library playing Magic; others I met through my regular visits to gaming stores. It was this social aspect that kept me coming back to gaming in high school and into my more adult days.

It's that social aspect that gets me to the reason why I'm helping out with this blog. I think gamers can be attractive people. I know that sounds crazy because, for the most part, if there's a person who plays games in popular media they tend to be unattractive or socially inept. There are a few exceptions but, for the most part, if a person plays Dungeon and Dragons or reads comics, they're probably lonely and pining after an attractive person who they'll probably never date.

The reality for me, at least, is that most gamers are fairly attractive, likable people. And I feel that this site offers the opportunity to portray that side of ourselves. Geeks and gamers are not all lonely, unattractive people. In fact, I would bet that most of us are the opposite.

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