Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Health, fitness and loving yourself.

In December of 2009, I was 210 lbs, terribly unhappy with myself, and was at a total loss on how to help myself. I hated gyms, and it seemed no matter how little or what I ate I couldn’t lose weight.

Then, a co-worker suggested an iphone app she used to count calories called “Lose it”. I was very skeptical at first, but I decided to give it a go.

The app, which is free, quickly calculated my height, weight, and gender and spit out a daily calorie limit. At the time, I wanted to lose 1 ½ lbs per week. My goal: be 150lbs for PAX. The database was huge, I could enter almost anything I could think of and it would tell me how many calories it was. It would even calculate how many calories I would burn during exercise. It felt like a game! I got graphs and pie charts and I felt like I got points for getting as close to my limit as possible with out going over. I could even compete with my friends who also used the app! I started walking more just to gain more calories on my app so I could beat them all! It was fantastic!

I learned that I didn’t have to eat less, but more healthy things. As of July 15th, I have lost 20lbs. While this is far short of my goal of 150lbs for PAX, I feel like I’ve won something much better.

The way I look really isn’t much different from what I was 20lbs ago, but I FEEL so much different. I honestly don’t know what changed that. It could be the weight I’ve lost, it could have been the cirque du soleil show “Zumanity” I saw in Las Vegas--with the two beautiful and BIG dancers in fishnets. I was entranced by their unbelievable sexiness. Or maybe it was coming across the blog and seeing all of these amazingly beautiful and curvy girls loving their bodies. Maybe it’s a bit of all three.

I invite you to join me in my quest of learning to love yourself, in what ever form that takes.

Lose It App
Fuck Yeah Chubby Girls
Cirque De Soleil - Zumanity


  1. I love FYCG!! One great quote: "I don't skinny dip, I chunky dunk."

    I don't have an iPhone, so I use About.com's Calorie Counter for my consumption tracking. Doesn't offer the on-the-go convenience, but it does let you account for sexytimes under physical activity, from Kissing to Vigorous Effort. ;D Now that's what I call comprehensive!

  2. I love that Fuck Yeah Chubby Girls site! There's so many beautiful girls in the world that are not single-digit sizes. Very heartening to see all that positive attitude. :D