Monday, July 26, 2010

Pretty Gamer Logo Contest

We need a fab logo to replace our lovely controller boob lady! Sadly, however, we all seem to be lacking in awesome graphic design skills. So, we’re going to bribe you to do it.

The logo will be used not only on the site, but on future business cards and stickers as well! So, it should be simple and easy to see if used in a smaller size.

We’re offering a TOTALLY FREE 3-Day pass to PAX for the best design submitted to us by August 15th, 2010.

We will collect the designs and all of our lovely authors will vote on their favorite. The winner will receive the free pass. We will hand you this pass on Thrusday Sep 2nd in Seattle.

Please submit all entries to in a large, malleable format.

(This pass has been VERY generously donated to Pretty Gamer by @ky13!)


  1. Hmmm... Should we pimp this on the PAX forum? Seems like there's probably an artist or two who may be looking for a 3 Day Pass

  2. Nomad suggested that as well. If it won't incur the wrath of Moe, I'm good with posting it to the forums.

  3. Also, you might want to point out that the winning logo becomes property of (even if we never use it) and maybe do something all legal-ish. =P

  4. OH...good point. I thought I could probably hash that out with whoever won, but I could probably include it above. At the moment though, it looks like I'll be the one winning, as I have the only entries. :p