Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pretty Gamer Nakki Arrives!*

*I feel like I should be wearing a Sailor Scout costume and posing while shouting that.

Hi! I'm Nakki, and the most important thing about me is that I am awesome.

I could pretend to be modest and hide that statement in backdoor compliments, but nah. It's better for you if you know that about me straight away.

I've been a gamer for almost as long as I can remember and a nerd since always. When I was 6 my dad watched Star Wars with me and since then I've been obsessed with space and flying. My first video game was one of the first PC flight sims. My dad (a pilot) was given it by work but instead of getting instrument hours on it he taught me how to fly.

A couple years later my Dad brought home a game system and game from Japan. It was an original Gameboy with Pokemon Green. If my dad had realized that he had found the second love of my life he may have not brought it home.

The Second Most Important thing to know about me is that I am the best mutha frellin Pokemon Master on the planet. No joke. My Pokemon cower in fear when I turn on my DS Lite. My motto is, "Only winners get healed." I'd go into details of my awe-inspiring training regiment, but that could take hours. Suffice to say it is epic, and my Pokemon are bitchin'.

Thirdly, I'm a rocket scientist. Yeah, just let that sink in for a minute.

I go to a little known Institute of Technology in Massachusetts and spend most of my time bitching on twitter about how much work I have to do.

I could write a sentence transitioning from that last awesome statement to the next one but instead - I've always been called pretty. Occasionally after really great sex I get a "gorgeous", but usually I'm pretty or even cute. And I don't mind that as it's pretty (ha!) damn obvious that I'm also brilliant, smart, opinionated, and completely willing to get into a fight to get what I want.

I wear dresses, repel off buildings, fly planes really fast, kick your ass drawing orbital vectors, beat your Pokemon with my Pokemon, and can look gorgeous doing it (though I'm often too busy to bother.)

Yeah, I'm awesome.

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