Saturday, July 24, 2010

What I did on my summer vacation OR what a pretty gamer means to me

I grew up a socially awkward only child in the heart of it all: the sweet, wonderful Midwest.

There’s a fact. Here’s another one: one thing I truly treasure is a story. Doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad, long or short, completely pointless or if it changes my whole life perspective; I want to hear that story that you’ve got to tell and I want to hear it over a game of Monopoly. What else do you have to do while this game is dragged out over the next seven hours because you won’t give me that last railroad?

Then there are games where the story behind the game is so great that nobody talks until after they've finished it. Even then, as much as I love a good story-driven game, the talk about the game is the best part to me. I want to hear my friends' opinions: Was the plot twist ridiculous? Didn’t you want to shoot that sass-talking sidekick about five minutes in? The experience with people that comes from playing games make those people beautiful to me. It adds dimension to them that wasn’t there before.

Sure, there are people out there who make a big deal about being beautiful and thin. For a while, I really wanted to keep up with that and impress those people. However, that’s not their fault; it was mine for not seeing that I’m pretty and awesome for all of my individual quirks and personality foibles. What I love about the Pretty Gamer idea is it shows that most of the gamers in our lives (and we gamers ourselves) love us for who we are. We’re all pretty because we’ve all got something going for us in our games and our stories: good, bad, earth-shattering and pointless.

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