Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What Pretty Gamer means to me

Welcome to the birth of a new blog on the internets.

It was a little rough, but I think we’ve made it. At the very beginning, while conceiving this blog in our many minds and discussing what we wanted it to be on Twitter, we came across our very first road block: what to name our new bouncing bundle of joy? Eye-Shuh picked the name Pretty Gamer to represent all we are as both women and men and to highlight not only our love of all things nerdy but coming to love ourselves as well.

However, debate started quickly and furiously! And while I agree that some may view our name as pejorative or sexist and perpetuating a stereotype, I believe it also can embody how many girl gamers either feel or want to feel. Though I may not be able to speak for all of them, I can speak for myself.

I grew up as a single child of a single woman who shared with me her love of sci-fi. When I was six years old, she bought me an NES and we played together. This later translated to making friends with my fellow girl nerds in high school. We played video games, we played D&D, we watched anime and we traded comic books. My whole geeky life was very much female-dominated in my formative years. In University and adulthood, more and more male gamers entered my life, and now I can honestly say I have many more male gamer friends then female ones. But in all that time, I can truthfully say I have never met a stereotypical “gamer girl”.

But really, what difference does that make? I’m short, I’m round, and I’ve had to deal with being judged on that alone for a very long time. However, I’m at the point in my life where I can be proud of who I am. I may be round, but god dammit, I’m PRETTY. I love everything about being a geeky gamer, but I also love being a girl. I love that it means I can be any type of girl I want to be. We come in all shapes, sizes and styles. And we’re all pretty. I look forward to sharing my opinions with all of you and debating all of our wonderful ideas.

“I'd just like to let you know that I'm a girl and I like to put ribbons in my hair and kiss all the boys" – Red Vs. Blue

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