Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Addicted to Fable II, send help!

Yes I realize Iʻm helplessly behind the curve, but this is the first year of my life Iʻve lived with an Xbox near by and had the time to spend some quality days with it. I realize why none of my friends mentioned this game to me, I canʻt seem to stop playing it.

Iʻm just gonna lay this down. Fable II is the best RPG ever. Yeah, ever. And Iʻm someone who only bought the Playstation evolutions because I always felt they had the better RPGs going on; I feel like Iʻve wasted years of Fable II playing time due to a silly console allegiance!

So what makes this game so awesome. Well, the minigames are epic. I have poured beer, forged swords, and chopped wood for HOURS at a time (sorry Legend of Legaiaʻs Baku Fighters). The economy dynamics are incredibly intricate and have me making spreadsheets to track and take advantage of them. But most important of all can be summed up in a 140character tweet I made last night:

tehnakki: "heehee, made a guy travel 105miles to have sex with my character. I love Fable II"

Yes. I gets to have sex with people*, marry them, cheat on them, and do it over the span of the whole world!! My favorite thing to do is relocate NPCs to new cities by marriage. I am hoping to change the ENTIRE population of atleast one city by doing this. Itʻs gonna be epic.

I just hope I manage to finish this game before Fall term starts, or I may have to ask the roommates to hide the Xbox from me.

*My female PC has 7 wives and 2 husbands right now. I LOVE that!


  1. The thing that always bugged me about Fable II was that there really wasn't any reason to ever be good. Sure, you could play by the rules and be a nice upright law abiding citizen in order to avoid consequences, or you could just be a maniacal evil badass and become so powerful you can completely ignore those consequences. Oh, there are guards? Good thing I can slow time and shoot lightning at all of them at once. Otherwise I might be, you know, in trouble or something.

    The social aspect that you're expounding here is what really did it for me. I never finished the main story arc, but I did spend several hours seeing how many men my male character could seduce while dressed as a fancy lady.

    The number was surprisingly high.

  2. @ Pinder I found it INCREDIBLY difficult to be bad in Fable II. The first time I stole something and then was found by the law enforcement I was mortified! I ended up running from the law (hiding out in Knothole for a bit) before one of the law guys showed up and I paid the fine.

    It wasn't until an hour or two I went to fight the final fight that (from goading of my roommate) I turned off the Safety Mode and assassinated a couple of people. When I was only required to pay 250gold I sorta went a bit murder crazy for a couple of minutes before all the people calling me murderer made me sadface. So I stuck to playing my lute in town squares. Also, the thought of losing my halo made me incredibly law abiding.

    The more masculine my character became (as I increased her physique) the more husbands and wives she ended up with. I never did manage to transplant the entire population of a town though, theirs a maximum amount of spouses you can have per town before they notice and you are divorcing quicker than you can marry.