Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Anime n00b staffs Anime Evolution (Pt. 1)

This weekend I will be leaving my safe little island and traveling to Vancouver BC to Staff at Anime Evolution. My very first Anime Convention!

But Miss Z! You don’t even like anime!!

Oh I know. Sadly, when you have friends who are also working at said convention, they may try to guilt trip you into going too.

Ok so you’re working an anime convention and you don’t know anything about anime?

Umm pretty much! The last anime I watched was Ranma ½ and that was years ago. Also, Sailor Moon was pretty bad ass… But I’m pretty sure the whole show won't be all about those two series.

Thankfully, Anime Evolution will have several floors dedicated to gaming - where I will be working my little butt off! I will be bringing you all my report from the convention floor plus pictures, so be sure to check in next week for that.

Anime Evolution is at the University of British Columbia in the beautiful city of Vancouver, Canada. Show runs from Aug 13th-15th


  1. If you see anyone with spiky blonde hair in a long red shiny trenchcoat and sunglasses with a big gun... please take a pic for me! I missed out on Sakura Con again this year...

    I haven't watched much anime (ever, and not for a long time), but I love it!

    Some of my other favorites (besides Trigun): Kamichu, Stellvia, Cowboy Bebop and Ranma 1/2 was great! And Host Club is cute. Damnit Z, now I need to watch anime all night! Have fun this weekend!

  2. I will! I promise many pictures :D