Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Horde and the Microcosm

For those of you who see "microcosm" and think "what is that crazy bitch on about this time?!", it essentially means "a small version of a larger system".

I've been thinking a lot recently about the large range of personalities and groups that are formed out of a huge gathering like PAX.  There are some very, very different perspectives about gaming and about PAX, so what I want to know is:  why are YOU going to PAX?  What do you want to do, what is on your "must see, must do" list?  Will you be enrolling in tournaments?  Scouring the Expo hall for goodies?  Playing tabletop games?  Trying to seek out your buddies and play some DS games or go to lunch?  If you're not going to PAX, then why not? 

There are "girl gamer" groups, GBLTQ(A/F) meetups, Twitter Shitters, Wizards, people who love Dim Sum, Buttoneers, and those who wander all over the place! Do you fit into a specific group, do you go to meet up with people or do you tend to be happy on your own?

For me, PAX has always been the backdrop to meet new people and make new friends while checking out upcoming games and seeing what my favorite companies are up to (and maybe get some sweet free stuff).  What about you?  What are you excited about and where will you be spending most of your time?  What community/group/"microcosm" events will you be attending?

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  1. I am going to a LOT of the group meet-ups. XD My progression into the PAX life went:

    First year - Went alone the first day then convinced a friend to come with the second. Went to lots of panels.

    Second year - Posted in the forums, joined the community, went to newb community events. Met up with people, no panels.

    Third year - Omegabat!

    Fourth year (this year) - Gunna party like a rock star and try to catch some panels.

    Fifth year (next year) - Enforce?

    My goal this year is the whole PAX experience. I am going to completely drain the Expo Hall of all it's swag, do some interviews and posts for the site, go to lots of community events, go to lots of panels, and try and hit up every party I'm privy to learn about.

    Basically I'm planning to explode.