Wednesday, August 04, 2010

How To - Easy to make, recycled throw pillow

I have never denied that I am a tree-hugging dirt-worshiper. In fact, I'm rather proud of the fact that I care deeply about the environment. Because of this I have a hard time just throwing things away, especially stuff that still has good life in it.

When my husband and I combined our houses we found that, between the two of us, we had somewhere around a million bed pillows. Now, accounting for guests and everything, we really only need four so that left me with all of these damn pillows that needed dealing with. For obvious reasons thrift stores don't want your nasty old bed pillows and neither does the SPCA. I didn't want to just throw these out and decided to get creative.

He only had one throw pillow for the couch, which was just a bed pillow in a case whose print I lovingly called Southwestern godawful. That had to go. So I figured that I should make us some couch pillows to lounge on when watching movies and playing games. Below are the steps to making some lovely little throw pillows using standard size bed pillows that you no longer need.

Step 1: Take a standard size pillow and roll it up. Stitch the pillow so it will stay rolled.

I finished the sewing off in blue so you can see the stitch I used. It doesn't have to be pretty at this point, just sturdy. For extra strength I recommend doubling up your thread.

Step 2: For my cover I used a 28" * 48" piece of brocade that had been rescued from a previous project. Laying the fabric out long ways I folded in the last 6.5" on each side and sewed it down so the finished pillow would only have the top side of the fabric showing.

Step 3: Sew along the fabric long ways creating a tube into which you can slide your rolled up pillow. I used a reinforcing stitch since brocade has a tendency to fray. I also recommend making a french seam so the rough edge isn't visible from the open ends of the pillow.

Step 4: Stuff the pillow roll into your tube so it rests in the middle, you should have a decent amount of fabric on each side of the pillow. Take a piece of complementing ribbon and tie the fabric off at both ends, knotting firmly. There, you now have a pretty new throw pillow for your bed or sofa!


  1. Those fabric edges also make for great handles for optimum swinging power during pillow fights, I shall create several of these... in black.

  2. *laugh* ^5 Brian. These are super cute Eep! Can't wait to see more projects.

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  4. Awesome idea Eep! I have a few pillows that are too flat for sleeping on, rolling them up for the couch is genius, I'm totally going to do this <3