Wednesday, August 11, 2010

An Intro to j0z1e: Gamer, Wife, Mom.

Maybe I should just say juggler? Every day is a balancing act for me to try to be a wife and mom while maintaining my inner gamer. Is it hard? Yes! Do I play as many games as I used to? Sadly no. Is it worth it? Every time I see that huge gummy smile, I know it definitely is. Even now, I am doing my best to type one handed while I feed my 5 month old daughter, who some of you might know as turn1p.

Oh yay! She just fell asleep, this will go much easier now that I can type with both hands. Luckily she falls asleep about 3 times a day for long enough that I can get some things done or play a game for a little while. When she was first born, I didn't think I was ever going to be able to play games again, but that's because she was extraordinarily fussy and wanted to be held pretty much all the time. I really had to get creative and figured out how to feed her on my lap and play games, or wait until she was asleep.

I got a bit frustrated and felt like I was losing my gamer identity, until I got myself into the right frame of mind. I now try to look at it as if I'm the leading lady in an RPG and I have to use different skill sets to complete certain tasks. Sometimes I even get to play mini-games on the computer or my DS! Quite frequently I find myself playing a very tasty and more rewarding version of Cooking Mama, mmm... yummy. Having the right frame of mind makes all the difference these days.

Well now you know a bit about who I am and how I spend most of my day. Whereas it used to be 50% gaming, 25% cooking, 25% cleaning, it is now 75% baby, 10% cooking, 10% cleaning, and 5% gaming. I greatly look forward to the days when I am able to include her in the gaming, so that I can adjust those percentages yet again. Until then, I do what I can, when I can and still consider myself a gamer. I hope to see all the rest of the Pretty Gamers out there at PAX; hot tip: kids get in free!


  1. The moment I'm going to dread with my children is the day they can pwn me at anything. Not counting dancing games, children are amazing at dancing games because they haven't learned to be ashamed of looking ridiculous.

  2. Once she can own Shy at any game, we turn her pro! :P

  3. Alas, it is not children that prevents me from gaming (my daughter introduced me to my fave: WoW), but a new husband who doesn't game and doesn't even like computers. *sigh* At age 46, I was fairly addicted and it's been a long hard road to give it up. However, I still read sites like this for nostalgia reasons.