Monday, September 13, 2010

Baby's First PAX

Last Saturday was a momentous occasion for our little family: it was turn1p's first PAX, and she turned 6 months old that day! I was a little nervous for all the many things that might go wrong, but I have to admit that it could hardly have gone better. All three of us thoroughly enjoyed the whole weekend and can't wait to do it again.

We drove out very early on Thursday to meet up with the CCST in Post Falls, ID and she pretty much slept the whole way to Seattle. Hopefully this will encourage others to try bringing their kids on the CCST if they weren't sure about it before. What better destination is there for a family road trip than PAX?

Friday also went rather smoothly, we had a couple instances of crankiness, but it was right before falling asleep. A tip for packing your DS for a long day out is to put it in the diaper bag surrounded by diapers. That way if you drop the bag, it won't break! At one point we had gone to the Rock Band Freeplay area and she just fell asleep sitting up on my lap while the music was blaring. We all stayed up late playing games in the hotel lobby, and by the time I was ready to call it a night, so was she.

Carrying her around on Saturday in the expo hall did get a little tiring, even though she's not even 15 pounds. I used a wrap (basically a home version of the Moby wrap, instructions on how to wrap can be found here) for some of the time as it's very handy when she falls asleep in it. She actually slept through the entire Guild Wars 2 demo presentation. I had to sit down a few times because I was tired of standing and walking, but I'm not exactly known for my stamina anyway. Having my husband to help with carrying was also a bonus; I highly doubt that I would have attempted the trip without him to help out. I also love how there is this unspoken camaraderie of PAX parents, we give each other smiles and even stop to talk a little. At one point many of you may have seen my tweet about turn1p having lunch "with" Wil Wheaton. I tried to find a semi-quiet corner to sit in a sumo and feed her, and then when I looked up I realized that we were directly across from the signing area!

On Sunday we went to the PAX Girls meetup and had a very nice time making even more new friends. For dinner we got to have an awesome meal with friends and a refreshing walk back to the hotel. At a PAX related wedding reception we attended (our very own writer Eep and new hubby HotSake), she got to steal the show by kicking everyone in the room, which she had tons of fun doing as evidenced by the huge smiles she gave with every kick.

We drove home on Monday, and despite the diaper explosion in Ellensburg, she again slept almost the whole way. All in all I deem PAX weekend a success. Many thanks to all our friends who helped out by holding the baby when we needed a small break, <3's for all of you. See you again next PAX when turn1p is 1.5 years old and (gasp!) WALKING! 0.0

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  1. I realize last Saturday was not PAX, but it was when I wrote this :D