Thursday, September 09, 2010

Epic Mickey is SO EPIC.

So PAX was this weekend. I spent most of my time in the expo hall enforcing. While there, I stumbled across this awesome little booth by this small company called Disney. This small company had three booths. One was for Tron (which is so much awesome I don't even know how to start describing it) and the other two were for this little known character of Disney's.

Epic Mickey is epic for a couple reasons:
1) The video they played at the booth kept telling me it was epic and after more than 12 hours of sitting in line I can't do anything but agree with them.
2) It brings back the character of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, who was a pre-Mickey Mouse creation of Disney's that just never took off.
3) It plays to Disney's strength by focusing on the characters and the story, and also has developed a brilliant game mechanic by giving you control of building and erasing the world around you to progress through the game.

But what really made this booth epic for me was the reason for waiting in line. Disney brought along two of their animators, and after standing in line (for waits varying from 1 hour to 8 hrs) I procured three images. One each of the main characters of the Epic Mickey game.

Below is the video of Animator Jack Shelley drawing Oswald the Lucky Rabbit wielding the plunger from the game trailer. As someone who can't draw anything original, seeing someone produce a sketch in front of me with no preparation time is mindblowingly epic to me.

Who else is ridiculously excited for the return of the long lost Oswald the Lucky Rabbit?


  1. That is soooo cool! I wish I had stood in line for one!

    I love the art in this game, it is so beautiful. From the snippets I saw, I think this is going to set a new high standard for Wii games. (Is it on other consoles? I only saw Wii set up.)

  2. Yeah it's just for the wii, which makes sense as the game is all about painting the world or removing obstacles with paint thinner and seems really intuitive and fun with the wiimote.

    My only complaint is I wish they could have made the game for a higher res game system. It's so beautiful, it should be seen in all it's glory :(

  3. I always go through the art studio portion any time I go to Disney's Hollywood Studios (formerly MGM) in Orlando. I probably would have loved this booth; it's a shame I missed it.

  4. The Epic Mickey booth *definitely* and by far won my vote for "coolest looking booth" and "best booth design". The exterior panels were so fluid and massive, and I loved that they were projecting images onto the walls.

    I have a couple photos of the booth, but I don't think they really do it justice:

  5. @Awitelin a lot of people mentioned the Disney drawing booths when I had to turn the away from the line (sowwy peoples). I've only been to DisneyWorld once and that was when I was still too young to remember anything other than taking pics with the Disney Princesses. Once my frames get here and I setup the sketches I'll definitely take pictures and share.

    @Nomad, my fav part of the Disney booth design was that the back panel (on the drawing booth) was a door! Over the course of the 3 days I saw atleast a 100 people go O_O at the site of someone coming into/out of it.

    It also tore down in like 30 minutes. It was a really brilliant design, though I'd really expect nothing less from Disney.