Wednesday, September 01, 2010

How To: Get delicious BAWLS in your mouth for PAX!

At PAX 2004, I discovered the elixir of the gods. BAWLS. A delicious caffeinated, carbonated energy drink in an awesome blue bottle and a great name. Bawls also comes in a root beer flavor called Geek Beer.

Bawls is a rare flower in Canada and is very difficult to come by. In years past, Bawls would be aquired easily at PAX, however, now that one can no longer guarantee being able to purchase this beverage within the Washington State Convention & Trade Center (WSCTC), one has to get a little more creative in the acquisition of Bawls.

Some of the things I've done:
  1. Saw someone at PAX walking around with a wheeled cooler full of bawls, so I ran over to them and waved $5 in their face! Then I explained that they will get $5 if they put delicious bawls in my mouth!
  2. Drive across the border (I live in Canada)! Once across, I stopped at the first grocery store and completely cleared out their entire stock.
  3. Buy Bawls online and get it shipped to your hotel! You can do this with other stuff, but really, Bawls & other crap.
  4. Pre Order TWO cases from the QFC (it's a grocery store) just up the street from your hotel.
I swear this isn't an ad so much as me waxing poetically about how much I love Bawls. but if you want to check out their site, you can find it here.

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