Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pax Panel Review: Aquisitions Incorporated: D&D Live!

I was only able to see two panels at Pax this year: The Of Dice and Men play and the Acquisitions Incorporated: D&D Live panel. From the panel description:

Gabe, Tycho, and Scott Kurtz begin an adventure with one goal, find a way to bring back Wil Wheaton’s deceased character, Aeofel. This is unscripted Dungeons & Dragons before a live studio audience... and through the magic of TECHNOLOGY, the audience influences the game! Bring your cell phone and guide Jim Darkmagic, Binwin Bronzebottom, and Omin Dran to riches or ruin.

If you have not listened to the previous podcasts from this group, please do yourself a favour and go listen to them. Seriously, listening to their podcasts re-awoke my inner pen and paper roleplaying geek!

One of things I have wished as I listened to the previous podcasts over and over was that there was a video recording of the sessions. You just know there are visual jokes going on that you are missing out on. Well this live panel session was everything I could have ever hoped for.

The players and GM sat at a table on the left of the stage, and the middle of the stage had a large screen where you could watch what was happening. A few times during the session decisions were made by the audience - a poll was put up on the screen and you had a limited time to text your choice to determine what would happen next. While I liked that aspect, I would have preferred to have the session continue on uninterrupted - although the responses allowed for some great interaction with the audience.

Each participant was introduced and came out on stage with a costume. Scott Kurtz [Binwin Bronzebottom] in a horned helmet, Wil Wheaton ["Al" and Stinky the Zombie] in a cloak, Gabe [Jim Darkmagic of the New Hampshire Darkmagics] in a wizards cloak, and Tycho [Omin Dran, CEO of Acquisitions Incorporated] in a gorget. It was a simple thing that added to the ambiance.

From the minute they sat down to play it was pure magic (if you would pardon the pun). The camaraderie between them was amazing. I laughed, I cheered, I even teared up a bit. This panel alone made the trip to PAX worthwhile. I understand there will eventually be an audio version of this session produced. Listen to it. Enjoy it. Savour it.

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  1. I cannot wait for the release of the audio (and hopefully video) recording of this panel. Of all the things that I regret missing at PAX (not being able to make it there), this had to be the number one thing. Glad to hear that it was as good as I expected it to be.