Tuesday, September 14, 2010

PAX Prime Demo: The Drumskulls Game

At PAX I got the opportunity to play a pretty neat demo: The Drumskulls Game. I talked to one of the devs, and he said the thought process that started it was: "...everyone has a Rock Band drum kit, and you can't really use it for anything but those games. Plus, everyone loves zombies. We decided to combine the two."

I thought the game had a pretty creative concept, and the demo was fun and challenging. They only had a very basic version of the game, but it played well. There are different colored zombies coming at you and in order to shoot them you have to hit the corresponding colored drum. The foot pedal worked as a "interact with this" button when you came across something special to open or walk through.

It played like a rail shooter, where you are walked through the areas automatically and kill as much as you can / avoid being killed until it swings you to the next section. In that respect, I actually really enjoyed it. The feel of it was very reminiscent of old style arcade except with the interesting new age drum kit as a gun twist.

I think this game has the potential to turn out really well, and I'm impressed that someone finally decided to give gamers another thing to do with that drum kit collecting dust between Rock Band or Guitar Hero sessions.

I just wonder if it's too late to catch the zombie craze.

Depending on price, I would pick this up! As it is, from what I played at PAX I would rate it as a neat XBLA game, priced no higher than $20. We'll see how much they have put into it by release.

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