Tuesday, September 14, 2010

PAX SEGA party!

Many people know I'm a huge SEGA fangirl.  While my more affluent friends and neighbors were button mashing away at their Nintendos (and Super Nintendos (and then Nintendo 64s)), I was playing Sonic the Hedghog, BioHazard Battle, Jurassic Park, Aladdin, Pitfall and Primal Rage on my Sega Genesis.  Sega defined my childhood in a way, and while I was fueled with a jealous rage at my lack of Nintendo when I was young, that rage turned into pure Sega pride as I got older.

So, when I heard there would be a Sega party at PAX, even despite it being held at Gameworks, I was die-hard determined to get in.  I was ready to line up by 7 PM and wait for as long as it took to get in and proudly express my heritage. Unfortunately, my PAX companions, an Aussie duo, had other plans.  Apparently Aussies need to eat dinner to achieve sustenance just like normal people, so we ended up wandering the streets looking for food and when I heard that the line for the Sega party winded its way around the entire city block around Gameworks, I almost simultaneously became comatose and wanted to scream and cry like the girl I was when I first played Sega.

Long story short, I ultimatly got into the party after all kinds of antics--including being handed a Dianetics pamphlet while standing in the party line, WTF?! Do these people even know what PAX is and who its constituents are?!--and was able to bask in the glory of all that is SEGA.

Gameworks parties are always pretty boring as far as I'm concerned: same games, same venue, same everything; but this party was pretty spectacular, and it was definitely much more my speed than some of the other "half-naked slobbering dancers at a rave" parties going on that night.  It probably helped that they gave out 2 free drink tickets to each person and that my group all insisted on drinking Long Islands.  We also were each given a Gameworks Freeplay card with two hours of free gameplay and 30 credits for ticket-generating games.  The ticket-game credits were amazing, and I haven't yet been to another Gameworks party--during PAXtimes or otherwise--that included ticket-generating games.

We played some air hockey and some other random ticket games, until I discovered, tucked away behind a wall, my greatest nemesis.  Only a few people so far know of my secret shame: my addiction to coin-pusher games.  These are the games where you put a coin into a slot, it falls onto the board and pushes other coins, and the goal is to push other coins off the edge of the platform so that you win the coins that fall off the edge; or in this case, tickets which represent the fallen coins.  They have had this game at many fairs in the past, and every time I find one, I inadvertently spend *hours* plugging in coins in a (largely futile) attempt to win more coins.  I think I drunkenly spent the majority of the Sega party in front of this diabolical machine.

With a couple point-donations and a huge heaping mound of tickets from Kurpav (you're my hero!!!!), I was able to just get enough tickets to claim the coolest prize in all of Gameworks:  a Tails plushie!  There was also a drawing for a number of Sega prize packages, a Bayonetta gun, hoodies, Sega systems and other big Sonic plushies.

This party was a great start to the evening, thank you Sega for being awesome!

Check out more of SEGA's PAX exploits, or read their blog for more info!  They also have a thrilling Twitter account, it's @SEGA


  1. Lol, now we need someone to put up a review of the CCP party to refute your comment. ;)

  2. I will neither confirm or deny any of my statement(s) directly referenced the CCP party specifically.