Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pretty Gamer Drunken Friday Night Podcast #1

In honor of Drunken Podcasting Month, as decreed in the month of September by the magnanimous Z over at Hipster, please!, we here at Pretty Gamer decided to give podcasting a go.

I don't know yet if this is going to become a thing (that will depend on your response to this inaugural cast), but the experience was quite fun.

Things to know:

(1) This is my first podcast editing experience

(2) Seriously, we were all drunk

(3) Sorry about the weird background noise and feedback

(4) The pool party was not was more like four people swimming in the pool...

(5) There are a few swears, so probably NSFW

(6) You NEED to watch this first

Download the podcast here: 
Pretty Gamer Drunken Friday Night Podcast #1 (51:04)

Additional Notes:

(1) No one is allowed to make fun of my amazing sound effects.

(2) Big apologies to Recruit, who's awesome PAX bull riding story didn't fit. I'll have to do an out-takes reel or something!

(3) Also, apologies to Miss Z. For the record, Brian is the only one that has a problem with your country. Also we love you. Also please don't hurt us.


  1. If that ends up being our iTunes logo, hilarity will ensue.

  2. Heehee, I figured I could probably change the image for every podcast depending on what comes up. ;)

    I actually considered using the 4chan leeching message hahahaha

  3. ..this was quite funny, it did make me want a drink after I had heard it...

  4. I second Raymond's sentiments. I don't even know how I totally missed this! I'm going to need to get a mic.

  5. I still say we make it a series, if for no other reason than the name is pretty epic. ;)