Thursday, October 21, 2010

Back in the Fitness Saddle: A #fit4pax Update

Oh hai there #fit4pax! It's... Been a while, yes. What's that? Where have I been? How are my fitness goals coming along since PAX Prime 2010 ended? Well, um, you see what had happened was...

Yeah. So I fell off my shiny new fitness wagon. Hard. Don't get me wrong. I made sure to stretch frequently and maintained my nutritional stride throughout PAX by having at least one real meal each day. I took my performance multivitamin, fish oil and Vitamin E every single day while staying hydrated. I didn't get too crazy with the running around ragged and tried to rest whenever possible, but as far as my diligent 5 days a week hitting the gym, taking classes or getting in a streamlined home workout - not so much.

PAX is a bit of a crazy time warp where it simultaneously whizzes by so fast and lasts forever. The most dedicated PAXers are world class champs when it comes to cramming in as much awesome into every available minute, and in fact have expanded PAX from a short weekend to very close to a full week of Nerd Vacation Shenanigans.

And PostPAX is...tough. You're riding this phenomenal high, trying to hold onto all the fun times you had and friends you made. You're reminiscing with a smile on your face and sigh deeply as if you've just woken up from the most wonderful dream. And slowly, as each day creeps by and those warm fuzzies fade, in swoops the denial. Like an insidious seed invisible to the naked eye, it saps your PAXLove little by little as your futile attempts to hold on to every moment fail miserably.

For me, that futility yields lethargy. Combined with the seasonal changes as the sky darkens and the temperatures drop, hibernation mode kicks in and some days it's all but impossible to get me moving - especially out of a warm bed!

But I can do this. WE can do this. I'm still not sure if I'll be able to make PAX East (*shakes donation cup*), but it's as good of a milestone as any to kick start my fitness back into high gear. And luckily, I've got some Not-So-Secret Weapons to help:

  1. A Black Girl's Guide to Weight Loss - A bit of a misnomer because Ms. Erika Kendall is serving up the best all around health, nutrition and fitness blog I've ever seen. Well researched and written in a highly approachable, humourous and "tell-it-like-it-is" style, this blog is my go-to for news, recipes, workout ideas (with video!), motivation and inspiration. Get more of her commentary on twitter at @inetespionage.
  2. Gear - Archer has his "tactical black turtleneck", I've got my headbands, Nike workout pants and assorted nerdy t-shirts. That's right, I don't "glisten," I rock the headband to keep the buckets of sweat out of my eyes and the pants are great for everything from Bikram Yoga to Capoeira and the treadmill. Pricey at around $60, but absolutely worth it. I've had mine for *years*.
  3. Music, Friends & Creativity - No way could I get cardio done without my trusty Sansa clip filled with such mixes as "Kick Ass, Screw the Names." A couple friends of mine recently rejoined the gym and we've made it fun by motivating each other. For example, the other day I agreed to wear grease under my eyes like a football player. It was hilarious! People loved our enthusiasm and creativity so much we've decided to do it regularly. We call it "WarPaint Fridays."

So let's make it happen, Cap'n! How do you stay on track and keep up momentum in the fall and winter months? Get back in gear with your #fit4pax goals and tag up on Twitter to let us know your progress!

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