Thursday, October 14, 2010

Games for the whole family

I read Family Circle magazine on occasion (great recipes!) and in their recent edition I came across an article that lists "Video Games for Families: 19 Terrific Releases for Tweens, Teens, and Parents Too." I'm usually pretty skeptical of articles of this nature. The media tends to demonize gaming and, as a result, suggestions made for families tend to be restricted to fluffy Wii shovelware.

In this case, I was surprised and impressed with their list. I could tell they put a lot of thought into their choices, and the picks illustrate the author's understanding of video games.

Here's what they had on their list:

Rock Band 3
Epic Mickey
Need for Speed Hot Pursuit
Costume Quest
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2
Civilization 5
Lego Universe
The Sly Collection
Def Jam Rapster
Wii Party
Dance Central
Little Big Planet 2
Guilty Party
UDraw: Pictionary
Pixeljunk Shooter 2
Start the Party
Donkey Kong Country Returns
Kirby's Epic Yarn

One reason I like this magazine is its way of adding information for parents who may not understand the more techy side of newer generations. They do it in a way that doesn't sound like they underestimate the intelligence of their readership, but rather put the explanations in as a respectful FYI to those who might not know every term.

For example, here's what this particular author says about Lego Universe: "An MMO, which stands for massively multiplayer online game. This one's a twist on the traditional that allows players to craft their own worlds amidst tons of quest-y action. If you ever doubted that screen time could make a kid smarter, check it out."

What do you think? Is this list a good one? What other family friendly games would you add to it?

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  1. So many new titles, pretty awesome to think they're promoting the up and coming. After hanging out with my 12 year old cousins for the last two weeks, I realized that some families are pretty behind on console generations. So some oldies but goodies are always good suggestions for the families with moms that say "I'm not buying a new console because another one will just come out next year." (The exact reason I rocked NES until 2003.) In cousins' case, they still have PS2.