Friday, October 22, 2010

How Nintendo continues to print money

Nintendo thought process:

Everyone has a Wii. Everyone. Now that the craze is coming to an end, and sales are starting to curve down, how do we get them to buy another Wii?

Well, Nintendo, we could always put out a hot looking Wii in a different color...hey, isn't it that one guy's birthday soon? You know, the one with the mustache?

Oh yeah! You're right Nintendo! I think his name was...Wario? Anyway, he wears red. Red is sexy.

Yes, Nintendo, red IS sexy. Let's make a red Wii. Everyone who already owns a Wii will be forced to buy this beautiful new one.

Good call, Nintendo, good call! We should probably also do a red commemorative DSiXL to boost the sales of our throw away handheld model.

Wow, Nintendo, that's brilliant! With the 3DS coming out people will be going crazy trying to decide between an amazing looking DS they didn't want and a hot new DS with 3D Pokémans! I bet some of them will buy both!

Man, Nintendo, we are genius.

Yes, Nintendo, we are.

It continues to print money!

The classic equation of Old System + New Color = Profit. Well played, Nintendo.


  1. People looooove colors and customization. This is also why I never buy anything upon initial release anymore - chances are high that there will be a prettier, more irresistible version that piques my need to buy.

  2. Thanks, eye-shuh, now every time I think of Nintendo I'm going to think of Gollum! Yesss... wii will takes the precious...

    I love this post!

  3. My family looked at some Kinect demos and my parents gave my sister their wii and informed us they expect an Xbox S and Kinect for christmas. Top feature they wanted "Netflix control from the couch". So the next Nintendo better be a real version of that Nintendo Revolution mock up from back in the day or they're out.