Monday, October 04, 2010

Is the 3DS worth as much as your Xbox?

Nintendo hasn't yet officially announced an American price point for their new handheld, the 3DS, but based on the Japanese pricing the rumors going around* are suggesting 250$ - 300$.

That's a lot of money for a handheld! Especially given the fact that I'm still rocking my DS Lite, and have quite a few friends who never upgraded from the original DS. Then again, I still have my SNES and that didn't stop me from buying a N64, GameCube, and Wii.

Since its announcement I've had my doubts about the 3DS. I was over the whole 3D craze before it began (3D makes me nauseous) and I'm a little disappointed Nintendo is going after the craze. However, my doubts are definitely quelled a bit by Iwata talking about how he dismissed 3D gaming (with required glasses).

You have to admire a company that says "OK, 3D is neat and everything, but the technology for it now is dumb, so we're going to change it."

Thus the 3DS.

Now that I've read up on the 3DS a little more, I'm not sure I'll be able to pass it up. The DS saw a blast of casual gaming, and it seems the 3DS will see a blast of gaming back to its roots. We've got such titles as Mega Man, Resident Evil, and Super Monkey Ball slated to pop out games for the thing. Plus there's going to be a Virtual Console for Gameboy and Gameboy Color games, which means I may finally be able to retire my double A batteries for rocking Pokemon Red on my old GBC. Apparently there were demos of Ocarina of Time at E3 as well!

What do you think readers? Are you determined to buy a 3DS no matter what its pricing in America? Or are you crossing your fingers that Nintendo makes it more affordable?

*rumors on big game sites who tend to pull numbers out of their butts, so who knows


  1. The Virtual Console sounded pretty compelling but I really haven't used my DS much in the last year since getting an iPhone. I thought OK well maybe GB VC would make me want to play DS more, but I thought the same about the Wii VC and it hasn't really proven true. The release schedule was slow and while it's fun to spend less than $10 to reminisce and goof around for a night playing odd favorites, for me they tend to lose the draw beyond that.

    Maybe depending on what kind of first party stuff Nintendo releases I'd be interested in taking a look at 3DS, but that price point just doesn't justify the minimal use my Nintendo devices are getting right now. Both the Wii and DS markets are so flooded with oddball 3rd party titles (super cooking, vacuuming and baby raising on a jet ski!) that I find it almost a chore to browse the Nintendo aisle and end up venturing over to the 360 aisle.

  2. Hmm, that is an interesting point. Do you think more people will ignore the new DS iteration, because they have phones that work as a mobile gaming platform? Especially when it comes to the iPhone. Is the 3D gimmick not enough to break past Apple's efforts to be the most convenient portable gaming device?

    I feel the same way about the Wii VC, but at the same time both you and I still have and use our old consoles. I wonder if we're a little skewed because of that.

    I do strongly agree though, that Nintendo is going to have to throw some pretty damn awesome games out to tempt me. I could give a shit about 3D Nintendogs. lol

  3. I'm pretty excited for the 3DS, and me and hubs have essentially decided to get it no matter, but we're pretty sure that it will end up being $250 here, which is what we were expecting originally anyway.

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  4. I guess I just kinda naively hoped it would continue to be a cheap system. :)

    I love my DS so very much, and I would love to get a 3DS, but 250$ is pretty dang steep for someone like me who refuses to purchase a new Xbox even though my current one keeps eating my game discs. lol

  5. japan prices are not NA prices. The DS launched at $150 admittedly a very very nice price. If the 3DS launches at $200 that's still not terrible for a price. I mean they print money with the DS/L/i/XL. If noone wants to pony up the launch MSRP (and one thing we have plenty of is early adopters so.. yeah people would pay it at $300) there's plenty of DSL/i/XL stock to sell off while they wait for the price drop.

    Heck that would be their plan all along. Think about it. They launch in March. At a high price (assume $250). That probably incentivizes people to buy the old stock up. Then in the fall they drop to $200 or maybe even sub-$200 if iwata feels generous so suddenly we're looking at $50 or more price drop in the opening year. It looks like a GREAT deal and they sell even MORE in the holiday season. Win-Win-Win-Win. Only people screwed are early adopters and who feels bad for them. Earrly adopters are ALWAYS screwed. heck it doesn't even pay to pre-order anymore not with codes instead of artbooks.

  6. Damn...that probably IS their plan! lol

    Well, I'm waiting until the holidays.