Thursday, October 07, 2010

Late to the Game, But I'm Here!

Hi there, I’m zezspecs, and I'm here to tell most of you tales from at least 3000 miles away and 5 hours in the future.

I was asked to be part of Pretty Gamer back when it first started, but at the time, I was at a loss as to what I could contribute. I was insecure about my writing ability, and as far as gaming goes, my experiences were not very unique. I was also very busy getting ready to move to Scotland for veterinary school.

Yes, I said that I was getting ready to move to Scotland for veterinary school. Now that I've settled into the country, I’ve realized that I'm in a unique situation worthy of writing about, and not just from the aspect of gaming in Europe. From what I’ve read on the site, Pretty Gamer is also about helping people, women especially, feel good about themselves and who they are. I hope to be able to contribute to that part with my experience as a person tackling the challenges of living in a whole new country with a different culture and new community.

I’ve never been the most outgoing person in the world, though I have made a lot of progress over the years, so it was a huge step for me to move to the UK by myself for school. I wasn’t worried about the coursework or finding people that shared my love of animals, but was rather worried about finding people who shared my other geeky interests of gaming, anime and medieval reenactment. It was okay for the first couple weeks after my dad and sister left since I was getting used to the area and meeting my classmates. After a while, I started to feel that now-familiar pang of nostalgia of weekly game nights and watching anime with my boyfriend. Even from 3000 miles away, he did a lot to help me out and cheer me up, and I started to feel better when I noticed a forum post about a PAX meetup in London.

I'd been through London on my way to Edinburgh, and I hadn’t found the city too hard to navigate, so I decided to make the trip for the PostPAX London Meetup. I already had a contact in London that I'd met at PAX 2009 and had hung out with during my short stay in the historic city before moving on to my final destination. He was nice enough to offer some floor space in his living room and accompany me to the meetup. I'm not entirely sure what I expected when I walked into the pub, but I have to say, I felt like I'd returned ‘home.’ It didn’t matter that I'd never met these people before because as soon as I walked in, I felt like I belonged. We chatted like old friends and arranged to meet at the organiser’s house for board games the next night.

I have to say, the entire weekend was like walking on air between four and a half hours of Super Mario Galaxy 2 with my host and a game night filled with Zombie Dice, Munchkin and Die Weinhändler. It was like being back in the states with my friends at home. I was sad to have to leave, but I’ve been able to keep in contact via the magic of the internet. Thankfully the rest of the school was returning from summer break shortly after I got back, which meant I could more easily seek out the gaming clubs, but the PAX UK community really set the bar high in terms of acceptance. It really is a constant reminder of the awesomeness that is the PAX community in general, and I have to say, I can’t wait for my next trip to London.

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  1. Glad you were able to find some of our brethren! And welcome to PrettyGamer!