Wednesday, October 27, 2010

MLB 10 The Show Predicts the Giants to Win in 7

Are you excited for the World Series? If you're a Texas Rangers fan stop reading now. Go read something else here at Pretty Gamer (I hear there's an excellent review for Angry Birds or some good tips on dealing with zombies).

Are they gone? OK.

Well, if you're a Texas Rangers fan and are still reading don't say I didn't warn you.

Sony's great baseball game MLB 10 The Show (reviewed back in my personal blog days) has already predicted a winner for the fall classic. The San Francisco Giants will be this year's World Series winner according to a seven game simulation match up. Sorry Texas. The only thing to do now is watch the series and see if the prediction is wrong. Game 1 starts tonight.

I would have rather seen the Mariners take it all.....but that will take a miracle at this point.

The video below takes a look at the series as it played out in the game; enjoy Giants fans.

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