Friday, October 08, 2010

More reasons to love Steam: Killing Floor sale plus new DLC

Steam is awesome because they love gamers. Straight up. This is why they're successful.

So, it's no surprise that with a new Killing Floor DLC out, they've slashed the price of Killing Floor PLUS all its DLC in half.

Killing Floor is a fun zombie FPS. If you enjoy playing Left 4 Dead, chances are you're going to enjoy playing Killing Floor. The biggest difference between the two is the lack of humor in the latter. I'd almost equate it more to the Combat Arms fireteam round "Cabin Fever". If you'd like a fuller review, I have one up on my personal blog.

For those of you who already own the game, here's what you can look forward to:
Free Incendiary Content Pack released for Co-op Survival Horror FPS Killing Floor

Haarlem, The Netherlands – 8 October 2010 –Premier PC videogames publisher and entertainment software developer and publisher Tripwire Interactive are pleased, once again, to announce the release of another free content pack for their hit co-op survival horror shooter „Killing Floor‟, along with a new paid DLC Character Pack.

The free Incendiary Content Pack gives a big boost to the Firebug perk in the form of a brand new weapon – the MAC-10. This submachine gun not only packs a punch with a high rate of fire and .45 caliber rounds, but for the Firebug will also fire incendiary ammo that will make his enemies do the fire dance. With this the Firebug now has his own personal close-range weapon. Also included in the content pack are four new maps that were selected from the best maps entered in the Grindhouse map making competition. These maps have been given the „Tripwire Treatment‟ and have been polished up and made official.

As always the content pack is free to all those who already own Killing Floor and will automatically download upon starting the game. Highlights of the content pack include:

  • Four new maps – Hospital Horrors, Biohazard, Mountain Pass, and Suburbia 

  • New Firebug weapon – the MAC-10 firing incendiary rounds 

  • New money system – money now rewarded based on % of damage dealt rather than who gets the final shot, no more kill poaching for money! 

  • Balance changes for several perks including the Sharpshooter, Commando, and Demolition perks 

  • Bug and map exploit fixes

(source: Press release from Iceberg Interactive)

My two favorite parts of that are "balance changes for Sharpshooter" and "no more kill poaching for money." Since it's a strong co-op game, you tend to dump money on the floor for your teammates to use once you hit the store, however, now my "I'm so cool I killed all those zombies and got the most money with my silly overpowered sniper" player is going to be singing a different tune!

Killing Floor was already cheap, and now it's 50% off until Monday, October 11th. I recommend picking it up with Left 4 Dead 2 (which also just saw its share of huge sales and new DLC - sale is over now, sorry!) and then have yourself a rockin' killing zombies good time.

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  1. Hmm, maybe now that I have a shiny new hard drive I can check out Killing Floor. Thanks for the heads up!