Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Alchemy for Android

I'm always looking for fun little apps for my phone and recently came across Alchemy while updating my pushup program, Drop and Give me Twenty (not recommended, btw).

Alchemy is a Doodle God (which you iPeople out there can buy) clone and is a fantastic little time waster for when you are waiting in line, are on the bus or are sitting on the pot. You start out with four elements: earth, fire, air and water, and work on making two element combinations by dragging their icons together. In the beginning it's pretty easy, water + fire = alcohol, for instance. But, as you progress, things get a bit more difficult. A mouse, for instance takes about 20 or so steps. O.o

So far I've made about 130 of the 330 possible combinations (admittedly, with a little help from online guides) in about four days. I seriously doubt this game will keep my attention long enough to get everything, but Alchemy is an enjoyable diversion, especially since it's free.


  1. This game is so evil. I only have 44 of the 330 items; terminal items I've gotten are explosion, mite, Molotov cocktail, omelette, sand storm, silicon, smoke, thunderbird, and typhoon. God only know how I got that many. :p

  2. Ohhh, I didn't have Molotov cocktail, omelette and mite. I finally got country so now I'm making combinations with that. Yes, vodka + country = Russia.

  3. I was happy to get my turtle! heehee. I can't stop playing this game now, dang it. Are terminal ones the ones that have the red asterisk? Meaning they can't be combined anymore?

  4. I don't think I have a turtle yet! This must be changed since they are my favorite animal. Yeah, terminal elements are marked with a red star and can't have anything else done to them.