Tuesday, November 23, 2010

First Thoughts: Rage HD for iOS

Id Software has set a new standard for capabilities on the iOS platform with their recently released game Rage HD. Rage HD is a tie-in to drum up attention for their upcoming PC game (surprisingly) titled Rage. It is an on-rails FPS set in the Rage universe of wastelands, zombies, post-apocalyptic… yeh you've heard this before. While the setting is familiar, id did not cheap out on the graphics. Rage HD looks amazing. It could easily be misconstrued as a Wii game.

The controls are well thought out. Movement is done by using the touch screen or the accelerometer. Shooting, reloading, and changing weapons are all done with buttons arranged on the screen. Since it's an on-rails game your only concerns are shooting bad guys and collecting power-ups. Weapon choices are your standard faire: close range shotgun, long range rifle, and last resort pistol. The enemies also follow the typical archetypes. In addition, there are targets scattered throughout the levels that add some incentive to replay the game for a better score. To be frank there is nothing remarkable about this game except for the platform that it's on. However, that does not detract from id's technical accomplishments. With a pricetag of only $1.99, I would consider this a must-have app if you own an iPad or HD capable iPhone/iPod Touch.

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