Monday, November 22, 2010

Netflix Announces Streaming Only Rate

Well we all saw it coming and it's finally here.  Today Netflix started offering a "Streaming Only" membership rate.  No more need to worry about DVDs and/or Blu-Ray discs from them.

Along with the new membership they also announced new pricing for all their plans (see new pricing below).  Netflix VP Marketing, Jessie Baker, stated in the Netflix Blog that this is the result of the large increase of TV shows and movies available on the streaming service and the fact that members are viewing more through the streaming service than DVDs.

I am glad they finally offered this, but wish that everything they have on DVD was on instant.  It's just a matter of time before Hollywood finally comes around.  That will be a happy day.

Here is the new price rates;

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  1. I want to complain that my price is being raised, but I am hopeful this will bring some new awesome deals for instant stream movies.