Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Quest for Amigurumi

Are you familiar with amigurumi? They are knitted or crocheted stuffed animals / anthopomorphic things / weird stuff. My all time favourite is (of course) Cthulhu:

FYI: Cthulhu is the pink one in the above picture, made by my friend Angela.

There are tons of patterns available, many free online. Do a Google image search for amigurumi and you will see what I mean.

So I decided I really want to learn to make these. There is just one small, minor problem - I don't know how to crochet (or knit for that matter). Whatever, that's such a small unimportant detail. After all, lots of people crochet, so how hard can it be?

I bought 2 crochet hooks - did you know they come in different sizes!? I had no idea. I panicked and picked a 4 and a 5. Those seemed like reasonable sizes. I knew I had yarn at home from my failed attempt at learning to knit a few years ago.

Funny story about learning to knit - I thought I could make knitted dish cloths and sell them at craft fairs etc. After 2 years, I only had half a dish cloth - I realized I would have to sell each one for about $1000 to make it worth my time. I abandoned my knitting quest. Besides, crochet only uses 1 hook rather than 2 needles, so it must be easier!

So back to crochet - my friend Angela (who crocheted the above Cthulhu) showed me the basics at coffee the other day. It was hard, but I felt it was within my grasp and mental capicity. I could do this. I went home and practiced on my own. I can cast on. I mastered the chain. Look at this sample chain I crocheted. It is a thing of beauty:

Then came the hard part - the dreaded second row. I was warned it could be frustrating, but I was feeling confident. I crocheted the crap out of that second row. I was feeling great! This wasn't so hard! Then I looked at what the outcome was, and something wasn't quite...right.

On the plus side, I think I made a crocheted representation of chaos.

So while I am tempted to blame this failure...umm I mean setback...on substandard tutoring, I was warned that it would be difficult and I was not allowed to ragequit crochet. So I shall seek out video tutorials online, and bother the crap out of Angela until I figure this out.

I shall endevour to post updates as I go along. Perhaps we can all learn crochet together! Instead of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) we can start NaCroAmiMo!

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  1. A good trick to remember when crocheting is to keep a loose hand/wrist, unlike knitting where everything needs to be very tight. My mom taught me how to crochet when I was in 5th grade, but I still can't figure out knitting for the life of me. Once you get speedy at crocheting single rows, if you use a knobby/thick yarn and a larger hook you can bust out a scarf as a last minute holiday gift fairly quickly! Making circles is a bit more tricky, I still haven't quite crafted a beanie that doesn't look completely deformed. Good luck learning to crochet!