Monday, December 13, 2010

Your Shape Fitness Evolved; Week 1

Get ready to sweat.
So as the years have gone by I have gone from the some what toned lean frame I had in the Army to something that is a bit rounder.  I have in the past done diets and workouts with varied success only to stop doing them at some point for whatever reason.

Today I started a new workout.  So why am I writing about it here?  Well I'm going  to try to kill a few birds with one stone.  One, maybe writing publicly about it will help keep me on track.  Two, it will help to have me write something weekly to keep me working on my writing skills.  And three, it's a video game so this could be seen as a game review, though a review that quite a few weeks to complete.

So I started Monday December 6th.  First I weighed myself.  It's a good thing I'm working on this since I am officially the heaviest I have ever been, 215lbs.  Now according to the height/weight charts of the Army when I last weighed in with them, at 5' 11" I should weigh under 180lbs. I am overweight.

I started up Your Shape Fitness Evolved. The menus are easy to use, just hold your hand over the selection.  The game asked me some basic information; gender, age, weight and what my goal was.  I chose loosing weight as my goal, but it had a whole bunch of goals to choose from.  Then it scanned my body and said it tailored the exercises to my body type.

First up was a quick tutorial of how the system worked.  It showed me standing in white with a outline of a box on the floor.  It then explained that the box is my workout mat area, outside of the box was not "viewable" by the game.  This I really liked because I could see where I was standing in the box and adjust myself accordingly.  Next it explained that I needed to keep rhythm with the instructor, as long I as did our mats would be connected.  Once I got out of rhythm we would no longer be connected.  It then took me through some quick simple exercises to show how this worked, which seemed to me at the time to be almost too simple.

You are in the box in the back.

Now it was onto the workout of which it gave me quite a selection.  Each workout it listed gave a brief description of what it was and the length of time the workout would be.  It also listed on some if it was advanced, some even said they were training, and in the case of one required me to unlock it by doing a different workout.  Since it had been quite some time since I worked out I chose the "Nice and Easy" workout.  No need to overdo it the first time out.

Now while I thought that keeping in rhythm with the instructor was easy before, I found it's not so easy with some of the exercises.  In fact it down right tough.  Also I don't know if it's me or the system, but at times it told me I wasn't doing the exercise right, yet I was in time with the instructor and doing exactly what they were doing.  One exercise I was all over the place, it's kind of hard to balance on one leg and move the other.  Overall I'm chalking up the first workout flubs on mine and the system's part on me, it's not like I do these exercises everyday.  I hope though that over time I'll get better at them.

After it was over it showed how many calories I burned.  I was a little lost after that as it asked to do another session or something else.  I was done.  Breathing hard, sore, weak, and a little woozy I just wanted to collapse in heap.  From 30-45min workouts with a 2 mile run in the Army to wheezing like a little wimp after a 15 minute workout.  Oh how the mighty have fallen.

So what did I think of Your Shape Fitness Evolved?  Well so far it seems OK.  I'm not completely convinced it reads all of my moves properly, but then again it may have been my lack of skill.  We'll see how it is after a week.

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