Monday, January 31, 2011

Game Review: Majicka (PC)

Majicka is a game with a fantastic concept. You play a wizard on your typical quest to save the world, rescue villages and kill scary monsters and bosses along the way. The entire game from achievements to dialogue to character names is made up of geek jokes. And I mean the entire game. You can't take more than a few steps without either laughing or shaking your head in disgust at the awfulness of it.

Review: Thunderstone

Thunderstone is a fantasy-themed deck building card game from Alderac Entertainment Group. It is for 1 to 5 players, ages 12 and up, and the average game takes about an hour. That's right - this game has solo rules.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Gaming Nostalgia, Part II: Arcanum

You begin your journey as the sole survivor of a tragic and unthinkable act of terrorism.  Your peaceful journey to new lands in the passenger section of a large zeppelin is suddenly and violently interrupted by fighter jets swooping across the skies, firing at your defenseless mode of transportation.  

Welcome to the World

You awaken in the land of Arcanum, destined to follow a mysterious path that may lead you to the end(s) of the world, with only the skills you acquire along the way to protect you.  You must choose to engineer your path by educating yourself in the ways of industry and technology, or to learn to harness the subtle art of magic. Magic and Technology cannot coexist easily, so choose carefully!  In this world, every decision you make will effect your course.  

GottaCon 2011

GottaCon 2011 is almost here! Running from 5pm Friday February 4th nonstop until 7pm Sunday February 6th, GottaCon is an amazing gaming convention held at Pearkes Recreation Center in Victoria BC. This year they have even more floor space, which means even more awesome gaming!

There will be trading card games, board games, roleplaying games, video games, miniatures games, vendor booths, tournaments, miniature painting contest, costume contest, gamer silent auction, a concession area... so much awesomeness!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Gaming Nostalgia, Part I: Gabriel Knight

I don't play many computer games any more, for the simple reason that I just don't believe they will measure up to the games I used to play long ago.  There are some amazing, classic (read:old) computer games out there and thanks to sites like they are incredibly simple to play.  I've spent countless hours trying to figure out how to play my old (usually DOS) games without disks, and being heartbroken when they boot up without sound, or with a flickering cursor, or, just don't open at all.

But I've found all of my old favorites on GOG (I could be their spokesperson!  They do definitely need a better marketing director....).  But if you don't have a computer that will easily boot up a CD-ROM with software from the '90s, or if you don't, in some cases, still have a floppy drive (5 1/4, anyone?), then you might have been out of luck without sites like GOG or software like DosBox

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Deaf in WoW

Well here is a bit of a sad story with a happy ending.

Seems a gent who goes by the tag "Unwelcome" in World of Warcraft recently  lost his hearing permanently.  After learning that his real life friends were a bit less friendly now that he "had become inconvenient," he turned to WoW in hopes of finding some solace in a game he knew and loved with his guild of 4 years.  Well things didn't go as well as he thought they would: