Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Deaf in WoW

Well here is a bit of a sad story with a happy ending.

Seems a gent who goes by the tag "Unwelcome" in World of Warcraft recently  lost his hearing permanently.  After learning that his real life friends were a bit less friendly now that he "had become inconvenient," he turned to WoW in hopes of finding some solace in a game he knew and loved with his guild of 4 years.  Well things didn't go as well as he thought they would:

"So i came back to wow. Now I've been playing with my guild for about 4 years. We have all become close friends. We have even done some rl guild parties. I explained why I have been off for so long to the guild. I explained my condition. Everyone was pretty supportive for about 5 minutes.

Do you know what the first question I got from my guild leader was? He asked me if I could still use vent [Ventrillo]. I told him no, but tried to assure him it wouldn't be a problem as I usually research the fights before hand and use dbm.

He tells me that I can't raid unless I have vent. Guild rules and all. I was pissed. After a huge blow out between us I get removed from the guild and put on ignore.
Now don't immediately pile on the guild leader, note the "After a huge blow out" part.  We have no idea what was said, so there could be more to that issue than just Unwelcome's deafness.

Unsure of what to do next, Unwelcome (ironic, eh?) turned to the WoW forums and lo and behold a miracle happened.  Instead of the usual snide comments and more indifference he found support, compassion and help.  Enough support that he and his brother have "...decided to make something out of our guild."  If you happen to be on the Llane server maybe give a shout out to Unwelcome of the "That Canadian Guild," well shout out in chat at least.

Source: World of Warcraft forums

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  1. I know from experience raiding with someone who is deaf can be REALLY hard. Back in BC there was a Shaman named ShockSayWhat who was completely deaf. This would not have been problem, we had a few other people who raided sans vent for other reasons, but he often didn't know that he was supposed to be doing (even after it was explained multiple times) ultimately he ended up leaving us after many weeks that must have been frustrating on both sides.