Thursday, February 10, 2011

Your Shape Fitness Evolved: Week 1 the ReBoot

OK, it's time.  My knee feels fine and I'm ready to give this another shot.  This time I will commit to working out, losing weight and not push myself into injury.  I will try to eat better, more home cooked meals and less drive through.

I even have some black jeans I can't wear right now waiting for me.  My plan is to try to fit into them by PAX East.  Since this might be too sort of a time frame, I WILL fit into them for PAX Prime and I WILL wear them at Prime.

So will I loose a total of 40 lbs by PAX Prime by exercising with the Kinect?  Can I keep on track?  If I don't make it?........well we are not going there.  I'm just going to think positive.  Today I start after work when I get home.
40 lbs or bust!


  1. Just make sure to warm up before starting, and stretch when you're done! The biggest, most painful, drawback of this game is that it doesn't give you any warm-up exercises, and doesn't remind you or assist you in stretching afterwards.

    I could barely walk a couple days after playing this for the first time!

    Good luck!

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