Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Your Shape Fitness Evolved: Week... Banging My Head Against the Wall

Ladies and gentlemen I've learned an important lesson: I'm a statistic. By this point in the year most people have given up or forgotten their New Year's resolutions. While I haven't given up or forgotten, I haven't been keeping up very well either.

On one hand I did manage one goal, to lose 10 pounds before PAX East. That was achieved mostly through sort of dieting and kind of watching what I ate.

Another lesson I'm learning is it's really hard to start a routine and stick to it. Distractions are everywhere and the next thing you know it's too late in the day.

I'm adding to my goals. I still want to be down to my Army weight of 175 lbs. by PAX Prime, so I'll need to make my workout a routine.

This was so easy when I was in the Army, how I wish it were so now.


  1. I hear you. There are so many things that mess you up. I've been traveling and under stress and my whole diet and exercise plan, whew, out the window. Keep up something though, I'm making my thing running. Even if I f*ck everything else up, I keep running! Speaking of YourShape, I should get back to that myself ...


  2. cc~~~~~

    J'ai passé ... Continuer ...

    mais je vous remercie pour votre partage ^o^