Tuesday, June 07, 2011

PG Dispatch: Seattle's best known real-life Superhero, Phoenix Jones (Review)

You've all heard about the real-life superheroes fighting crime on the streets of Seattle, and there's one name that keeps coming up: Phoenix Jones. Keegan Hamilton of the Seattle Weekly not only nabs an interview but tags along a few nights of patrol in "The (Alleged) Adventures of Phoenix Jones".

Be forewarned: this article is looong. And somewhat tedious as the author struggles, meandering between light investigative journalism, skeptical sensationalism, derisive disbelief, and linkbait-worthy sound bites every other paragraph. The entire affair is in desperate need of a story arc and structure, but by the end you realize it’s not his fault - he truly doesn’t have much to work with. Phoenix Jones is a superhero without canon, and Keegan Hamilton tries valiantly to craft what story elements exist into a compelling narrative while separating fact from fiction. Surely writing about fictional superhero characters is much easier.

So what's the verdict? Is Phoenix Jones for real? Too good to be true? A well-meaning, fame-whoring amateur that only makes fools out of the real real-life superheroes trying to protect Seattle's citizens? Personally, I'd like to know more about Ghost and Pitch Black.