Saturday, July 02, 2011

I, for one, welcome our new Google+ overlords.

By now you've *surely* heard about Google+ (G+), the brand new social media effort from Google. Long after the privacy debacle of Google Wave, the big G is back seeking to make a big splash - and has certainly succeeded so far.

You know what the BEST thing is about G+ ? It's the clean slate. The fresh start. Think about it: chances are pretty good that your Facebook is a bloated, annoying mess of a network, filled with people, companies, groups, and communities that you honestly don't give a flying squirrel's ass about any longer. Facebook also consistently made things more difficult for you to change and update on a regular basis, inadvertently (or perhaps deliberately) making social media a burdensome chore instead of the fun, useful tool it's always been.

What I love about G+ is what Facebook took away: the ability to assign my contacts into groups that I could interact and share with as I liked in a seamless, easy to manage way. I can assign my network into Circles and catch up with those cliques individually instead of one "Wall" that's just a jumbled, disorganized mess. For example, if I want to know what my Yelp friends are up to, I can view the circle and see what hotspot we're meeting at for a DYL (Destroy Your Liver) event or catch up on Elite event play-by-plays. If I need to see when my PAXer peeps are heading into town for the biggest party of the year and what the popular hotel is this year - BAM, I'm in the loop and all caught up with a click.

The kicker? It's pretty and FUN. Sleek, clean, and well designed with witty, cheeky humor peppered throughout to help you learn the brave new G+ world we're living in. When you delete a Circle, it drops down and rolls away. When you craft an update, it directs you to choose with whom to share it. Interactive, juuust cute enough without being cloying, easy to use, and no hidden tricks (so far) - it's *definitely*, in the words of my friends, "The Minecraft of social media" and "Facebook for Nerds".

So should you check out Google+ ? Abso-fracking-lutely. As of this writing it's still in beta, so take the interactive tour! If you receive an invite from a fellow G+ user, check back frequently! And lemme know what you love, hate, and love to hate about social media in the comments.


  1. I'm Brian Calhoun and I approve this message. +1

  2. Definitely a +1!

    Though apparently G+ is in open beta right now so going to will let you log in with your gmail account! G+ for everyone! =D

  3. +1. The thing I love most about circles is that other people can add you to their circles, but if they're not in your circles, they still can't see what you post. It saves you the trouble of having to explain to someone why you denied their friend request, and lets you look at only specific groups of friends if and when you want to. This is especially relevant when a majority of your family is composed of puritanical conservatives like mine is. Still love them, but there a facets of my life I'd rather my Grandma didn't see.

  4. i agree 100% so glad i got an invite and i'm in the "circle of influence"