Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Game Review - Deus Ex: Human Revolution (PC)

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is just plain fun. I loved almost everything about this game! The gameplay clearly and strongly encourages you to use stealth, but if you're like me and you enjoy running into baddies guns blazing you still get tons of options on how to complete your missions. I think there was just one instance where the game actually forced me to use stealth or forfeit, which was fine since it was an optional side-quest. For everything else, watch out for my trusty shotgun baddies!

The greatest thing about this game is the options. You are given so many different ways to get to your objective and to take out bad guys and to go through the game it feels like the whole thing is custom made just for you. It made me relate more to the main character because I could make him act in the exact way I would act in that situation. (You know, if I was a technologically enhanced human being with awesome combat skills.)

The characters are amazing. Every person in the game has a different motive and distinct personality. It makes for a very immersive game that really sucks you into the Deus Ex universe. The combat system is fantastic and throughout the whole game does a great job of balancing your options between fatal and non-fatal weapons for use depending on your preference.

I do have a few criticisms. The inventory system is horrendous...I really struggled with being able to play with all the guns in the game and also have the ammo and supplies I needed. In the end I choose four guns (10mm, Revolver, Shotgun, Combat Rifle) and only kept ammo for those. Later in the game I got most of the DLC and also made room for the Grenade Launcher. I also wish there had been more options for the "guns blazing" approach rather than having so many Praxis dedicated to stealth and hacking. However, the options they give you are pretty good ones, so I can let that slide.

The boss fights would be my final beef with the game. I really feel like they take away from the overall experience. You go from having a million options and routes to being stuck in a tiny room with someone ten times more powerful than anything you've encountered thus far, who is hell bent on ripping your head off. This has been pointed out by many reviewers and while I'm not entirely convinced that the outsourcing of the boss fights is at fault, it's definitely pretty frustrating. Luckily for me I got myself the Explosive Mission Pack DLC which included a lovely grenade launcher. Bosses do not like grenades...especially an entire clip of them. Each boss is easy if you have a good technique for them (hello grenades) but they still felt awkward given the rest of the game play.

On a "this was neither bad nor good" note, I had a little bit of a hard time buying into the story. It could be that the ideas are a bit dated in this day and age, but I just could not relate to the human purist protesters. I would go for a robot arm in a heart beat! In this decade where I was promised flying cars and hover boards, I just couldn't help but wonder why on earth some people would be against awesome android super powers. Even the sequence of events in the game didn't do much to waver my opinion on the matter. Ah well. The game does a great job of catering to all opinions on the matter.

Overall, this is an amazing game. I would actually almost recommend it to first time FPSers. If you set it to easy mode and got yourself some fancy weapons from the DLC to ease the boss fights, this game would do a great job of introducing someone to the genre and letting them set their own pace.

Much as I loved it, given with the frustration with bosses I'm going to rate it a 4.5/5

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