Thursday, January 19, 2012

Gearbox has found their Lilith

A little while ago Gearbox put out a casting call to find an actress to play Lilith, one of the four characters from Borderlands. It was revealed pretty early on that she would be returning for Borderlands 2 in perhaps a Guardian Angel type capacity. The casting call went out for someone with a good array of facial expressions who looked similar to Lilith and would be her both in and out of game. The winner was aussie Yasemin Arslan.

Here's the video introducing her:

An Australian is the ideal candidate for such a role. She'll already have what it takes to make her way through the skag infested deserts of Pandora. Skag? Skag nothing. Aussies have to deal with spiders as big as your head! They have actual spiderants there!

I really wanted a gamer to win this job and if "vera.chimera" is really her, then I am pleased with this response in the comments of the video:

She seemed nice enough and her look, while not dead on, is close enough for me.

So, what do you think? Is she Lilith material? 

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