This site is going to focus on the women of the gaming/nerd/geek community. It's about promoting and celebrating the diversity of female gamers, and their different views and opinions on the world around them. It's also about making these women feel comfortable in their skin, and good about who they are and the passions they have.

This is a gaming/geek/nerd site as well as the above, but with a loud female voice.

In that respect, the job of the men of our site is to write about what the world of female gamers is from the male perspective and to support the women of the site.

I loved the idea of having the occasional male post and I think this site will be extremely unique in that we'll have a male perspective on some of the issues facing the women. There are plenty of sites for male gamers out there--I want this to be a site dedicated to women, about and for women, and privileged in the fact that there are men out there who are willing to contribute to that.

That being said, we are always gamers first. :)

I hope you enjoy this site and its content, and I especially hope that no matter who you are there is something for you here. Whether it's an insight on women, a funny post, or a new view of who you are, I hope this is a place you value.

Thanks for reading!

Pretty Gamer founder